H.A(Health Assistant) and its scope 2018-11-30T09:24:59+00:00

Project Description

H.A is a 3 year course after the completion of SLC/SEE and is equivalent to higher secondary education.After the completion of the course you need to register with the Nepal Health Professional Council to become a registered practitioner. In a country like Nepal where services of Doctors in rural areas are rare, HA are trained to provide diagnosis and treatment, as distinct from Nurses whose primary focus is patient care. In government health delivery system they act as heads of Health Posts and provide valuable and need health services in the rural areas. In urban areas too H.A’s play important role in health care, emergency care and primary health care centers. H.A’s have good prospect of self employment too. H.A can continue further to study M.B.B.S or BPH. Many of the renown doctors of our country were first trained as H.A’s, now they are the backbone of our health sector.